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All lyrics and music by WKBL: WASSIM BOU MALHAM | Guitars, lead vox, HASSIB DERGHAM | Keyboards, B. Vox, MALEK RIZKALLAH | Drums, B. Vox, PASCAL SARKIS | Bass guitars, B.Vox

PRODUCED AND MIXED BY VICTOR VAN VUGT. RECORDED, MIXED AND MASTERED AT RIVERSIDE STUDIOS BERLIN.“Wasted times” Modular synth parts by Tobi Neumann – “Pool Party” Chorus vocals recorded by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios Beirut, [LB]. Added Vocal fx by Valentin Brunn [Virtual Riot] at Riverside Studios Berlin [DE]. MASTERED BY MARTIN EYERER and KHALIL CHAHINE. DESIGNED BY HASSIB DERGHAM. Engineered by Victor Van Vugt and Khalil Chahine. Front & back cover graphics based on photographs from the Melo Ekizian collection. Courtesy of the Arab Image Foundation. All other photos are of families and friends of WKBL. manager: Brainstorm music marketing – publisher: Brainstorm Music Marketing Publ. / EMI Music Publishing Germany – label: Netmusiczone Records – distributor: Rough Trade Distribution.

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